Sad Life

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Hey, it's me, CatGirl0099 and my life on Dash Tag is sad

I had 51/100 pets and had been playing from Day 1

I had even just gotten my first super-rare pet, Lucky, plus about ten rare pets

(I also spent about ten days trying to figure out if a certain pet was a fox or cat until I discovered this wiki)

But then...I broke my phone and had to download the app again

And now I'm starting all over again so... :(

I also lost like 5 days because there was a MASSIVE power outage in my area so clearly someone doesn't want to to suceed on Dash Tag lol

Please tell me I'm not the only one who uses emeralds to revive and then watches an ad to revive again because ur chasing a rare pet and then... U CRASH AND U NEVER GOT THE PET!!!!!

  1. Sparky - Dog (No duh) - Normal
  2. Fly Guy - Frog - Normal
  3. Smoky - Racoon- Normal
  4. Fluffy - Bunny- Normal
  5. Tiger - Cat- Normal
  6. Spot - Dog - Normal
  7. Vixen - Reindeer - Normal
  8. Rattles - Snake - Normal
  9. Slithers - Snake - Normal
  10. Shelby  - Turtle - Normal
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