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List of Pets I still need

There are 100 pets overall in the game. I've collected 16. These are the following pets I still need:

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Pets Animal Rarity
Icon Ash.png Ash Fox Icn superRare tag.png
Icon Celeste.png Celeste Pony Icn superRare tag.png
Icon Chip.png Chip Puppy Icn superRare tag.png
Icon Drake.png Drake Turtle Icn superRare tag.png
Icon Fancytron.png Fancytron Turtle Icn superRare tag.png
Icon Gizmo.png Gizmo Bunny Icn superRare tag.png
Icon Grinch.png Grinch Reindeer Icn superRare tag.png
Icon Lucky.png Lucky Puppy Icn superRare tag.png
Icon Merlin.png Merlin Raccoon Icn superRare tag.png
Icon Midnight.png Midnight Kitten Icn superRare tag.png
Icon Prince.png Prince Frog Icn superRare tag.png
Icon Zeus.png Zeus Snake Icn superRare tag.png
Icon Angel.png Angel Kitten Icn rare tag.png
Icon Archimedes.png Archimedes Frog Icn rare tag.png
Icon Bandit.png Bandit Raccoon Icn rare tag.png
Icon Checkers.png Checkers Pony Icn rare tag.png
Icon Fido.png Fido Puppy Icn rare tag.png
Icon King.png King Snake Icn rare tag.png
Icon Luna.png Luna Fox Icn rare tag.png
Icon Nitro.png Nitro Turtle Icn rare tag.png
Icon Patches.png Patches Kitten Icn rare tag.png
Icon Rocket.png Rocket Turtle Icn rare tag.png
Icon Rudy.png Rudy Reindeer Icn rare tag.png
Icon Shadow.png Shadow Kitten Icn rare tag.png
Icon Turbo.png Turbo Turtle Icn rare tag.png
Icon Amber.png Amber Pony Common
Icon April.png April Fox Common
Icon Baxter.png Baxter Pony Common
Icon Benny.png Benny Snake Common
Icon Bianca.png Bianca Frog Common
Icon Binky.png Binky Bunny Common
Icon Biscuit.png Biscuit Pony Common
Icon Blaze.png Blaze Pony Common
Icon Blossom.png Blossom Fox Common
Icon Buddy.png Buddy Puppy Common
Icon Buster.png Buster Bunny Common
Icon Butterscotch.png Butterscotch Pony Common
Icon Clyde.png Clyde Pony Common
Icon Coco.png Coco Kitten Common
Icon Comet.png Comet Reindeer Common
Copper icon 2.png Copper Fox Common
Icon Cupid.png Cupid Reindeer Common
Icon Daisy.png Daisy Bunny Common
Icon Dancer.png Dancer Reindeer Common
Icon Dandy.png Dandy Pony Common
Icon Daphne.png Daphne Frog Common
Icon Dapper.png Dapper Turtle Common
Icon Dasher.png Dasher Reindeer Common
Icon Dexter.png Dexter Raccoon Common
Icon Dixie.png Dixie Pony Common
Icon Donner.png Donner Reindeer Common
Icon Dusty.png Dusty Fox Common
Icon Felicia.png Felicia Fox Common
Icon Flopsy.png Flopsy Bunny Common
Icon Fluffy.png Fluffy Bunny Common
Icon Fly Guy.png Fly Guy Frog Common
Icon Freddie.png Freddie Frog Common
Icon Hopper.png Hopper Frog Common
Icon Lily.png Lily Frog Common
Icon Lizzy.png Lizzy Raccoon Common
Icon Lola.png Lola Puppy Common
Icon Lucy.png Lucy Kitten Common
Icon Missy.png Missy Raccoon Common
Icon Mittens.png Mittens Kitten Common
Icon Moe.png Moe Turtle Common
Oscar icon2.png Oscar Raccoon Common
Icon Ozzie.png Ozzie Bunny Common
Icon Prancer.png Prancer Reindeer Common
Icon Princess.png Princess Puppy Common
Icon Rascal.png Rascal Raccoon Common
Icon Rattles.png Rattles Snake Common
Icon Rex.png Rex Turtle Common
Icon Rocky.png Rocky Raccoon Common
Icon Rose.png Rose Fox Common
Ruby icon.png Ruby Fox Common
Icon Shelby.png Shelby Turtle Common
Icon Sheldon.png Sheldon Turtle Common
Icon Slithers.png Slithers Snake Common
Icon Sly.png Sly Raccoon Common
Icon Smoky.png Smoky Raccoon Common
Icon Socks.png Socks Kitten Common
Icon Spot.png Spot Puppy Common
Icon Stripes.png Stripes Snake Common
Icon Summer.png Summer Kitten Common
Icon Tiger.png Tiger Kitten Common
Icon Tobias.png Tobias Snake Common
Icon Vixen.png Vixen Reindeer Common
Icon Willow.png Willow Bunny Common
Icon Ziggy.png Ziggy Snake Common
Icon Zoe.png Zoe Puppy Common