Dash Tag Wiki


names ozone. jax ozone.

things i feel like you should know

  • i am trans (he/him) and gay
  • i am an AVID dash tag fan (party pup is my favorite!! they're nb fight me)
  • i'm an atheist, but i respect religious people.
  • i have autism, if i start gushing about fandoms i'm in/my special interests, this is why (a few im in other than dash tag are eddsworld, mystery skulls, and guardians of ga'hoole)
  • my catchphrase is "be gay do crime"
  • im chaotic neutral and i will aggressively eat six hot dogs in front of you
  • grammar whats that
  • i ship mittens/summer, angel/ruby, midnight/luna, rose/blossom/april, and party pup/shadow (mostly party pup/shadow,,,idk the thought of party pup having a grumpy cat boyfriend makes me feel haby)
  • i have 8493649693503000553567+ plus headcanons about all of the dash tag characters so if you want to hear some of my headcanons feel free to ask me for some! i'd be glad to talk about them!
  • yes, jax is my real name, but ozone isn't my last name. that's just a fake one, because DANG ozone is a cool word
  • i have all of the dash tag pets, and i OBVIOUSLY use party pup as my main

characters i kin

i kin a few characters, but like not passionately to the point that i physically believe that i am a dog or something and eat literal dog food lol, they're pretty mild. here they are.

  • party pup (dash tag) (i know yall were expecting this)
  • hellucard (eddsworld)
  • scp-590/tj bright (scp foundation)
  • kyle (she-ra)
  • whirl (transformers idw)
  • chara (undertale)
  • swiftpaw (warriors)
  • juno (animal jam)

thats pretty much everything you need to know about me, now leave you imbecile-