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The Turtle collection has 2 Icn superRare tag.png pets and 3 Icn rare tag.png pets while the rest are Common pets. When they slide, they tuck into their shell while spinning. There is a total of 10 Turtle pets.


All turtles have an circle-like head, with a snout that sharps to a point. They all have shells that are rimmed with white in coloring. They have large eyes and stubby short legs with toes. They have small tails that stick out of their shell, in which they tuck into when they hide.


The turtle pets are lured by Strawberries.

Pet Turtles

Icons Names Rarity
Icon Drake.png
Drake Icn superRare tag.png
Icon Fancytron.png
Fancytron Icn superRare tag.png
Icon Nitro.png
Nitro Icn rare tag.png
Icon Turbo.png
Turbo Icn rare tag.png
Icon Rocket.png
Rocket Icn rare tag.png
Icon Dapper.png
Dapper Common
Icon Moe.png
Moe Common
Icon Rex.png
Rex Common
Icon Shelby.png
Shelby Common
Icon Sheldon.png
Sheldon Common