The Tractor Beam boost is a boost that brings pets directly to you. When you collect this boost, a UFO goes out in the distance, grabs a pet, puts the pet under a spotlight, and slows it down, making the pet stay in one spot. Once you reach that distance, you are able to easily catch the pet. When you obtain the boost the Tractor Beam makes a sort of buzzing sound which will count until the boost is used up.


The Tractor Beam is a gray satellite-like beam with a point coming from the center and has a circle at the tip. Around it are two purple rings that seemly appear to float around the line. When obtaining the boost the tractor beam doesn't actually show up, but instead, a UFO is shown shining a light purple sparkly beam onto the pet running away from the player's pet. The UFO itself is gray in color, with a bright purple lid on the top and several bright purple spots/lights on the upper and lower sides around it.


  • It is the only boost that doesn't show its "time up" symbol on the bottom left corner of the screen, unlike other boosts.


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