The Shop is a feature in-game where purchases can be made with real money. The player can buy Coins, Emeralds, Keys, Pets, and 2 Different Kinds of Boosts.  The icon of the shop shows a illustration of a purple shopping bag with white straps, a yellow price tag and a shining green emerald.


Item Cost (USD)
Icn iAP x2 coins
Double Coins Forever! $0.99
Icn iAP headStart
Permanent Headstart! $1.99
Icn emerald pile
100 Emeralds $0.99
Icn iAP emeralds lrgPile
250 Emeralds $1.99
Icn iAP emeralds chest
750 Emeralds $4.99
Icn iAP emeralds treasureTrove
3,500 Emeralds $19.99
Icn iAP emeralds vault
10,000 Emeralds $49.99 
Icn iAP pet mystery
New Pet! $1.99
Icn iAP pet mysteryBundle
3 New Pets! $4.99
Icn keyRing sml
10 Keys $4.99
Icn iAP keys lrgRing
25 Keys $9.99
Icn iAP coins cache
25,000 Coins $4.99 
Icn iAP coins vault
65,000 Coins $9.99


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