The Reindeer collection has 1 Icn superRare tag pet, and 1 Icn rare tag pet while the rest are Common. They are all named after the original 8 of Santa's Reindeer except for Rudy and Grinch. There is a total of 10 Reindeer pets.


All reindeer have antlers that stick up out of their heads. They have large, square-like heads with large diamond-shaped like ears. They have round eyes with narrow snouts with an large round nose. They have small hooves with small tails. Most of all the reindeer have accessories on their body.


Reindeer are lured by Holly.

Pet Reindeer

Icons Names Rarity
Icon Grinch
Grinch Icn superRare tag
Icon Rudy
Rudy Icn rare tag
Icon Dasher
Dasher Common
Icon Dancer
Dancer Common
Icon Prancer
Prancer Common
Icon Vixen
Vixen Common
Icon Comet
Comet Common
Icon Cupid
Cupid Common
Icon Donner
Donner Common
Icon Blitzen
Blitzen Common


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