The Raccoon collection has 1 Icn superRare tag pet and 1 Icn rare tag pet while the rest are Common. There is a total of 10 Raccoon pets.


All raccoons have an oval-like face that sharps to their cheeks that usually end with fluffs. They have rounded square-like ears, with small paws and large bushy tails. They have large eyes and small muzzles.


Pet raccoons are lured by Peaches.

Pet Raccoons

Icons Names Rarity
Icon Merlin
Merlin Icn superRare tag
Icon Bandit
Bandit Icn rare tag
Icon Dexter
Dexter Common
Icon Lizzy
Lizzy Common
Icon Missy
Missy Common
Oscar icon
Oscar Common
Icon Rascal
Rascal Common
Icon Rocky
Rocky Common
Icon Sly
Sly Common
Icon Smoky
Smoky Common


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