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The Puppy collection has 3 Icn superRare tag.png puppy pets and 1 Icn rare tag.png puppy pet while the rest are Common. There is a total of 12 Puppy pets.


All puppies have very large eyes, with a head shaped like a half-cut oval. They usually have long ears, and short tails. Most have a large nose, with their tongue that sticks out of their muzzle. All puppies have an accessory or collar item around their neck.


Puppies are lured by Dog Bones.

Pet Puppies

Icons Names Rarity
Icon Chip.png
Chip Icn superRare tag.png
Ember Icn superRare tag.png
Icon Lucky.png
Lucky Icn superRare tag.png
Icon Fido.png
Fido Icn rare tag.png
Icon Sparky.png
Sparky Common
Icon Beo.png
Beo Common
Icon Buddy.png
Buddy Common
Icon Lola.png
Lola Common
Party Pup Common
Icon Princess.png
Princess Common
Icon Spot.png
Spot Common
Icon Zoe.png
Zoe Common