This page is about the Princess Outfit. For the pet named Princess, see Princess (Pet).


The Princess Outfit is an outfit that is worn by Misha. It can be bought for 125 Icn currency emerald.


The Princess Outfit has Misha in a very beautiful princess styled-like dress. It is sparkly blue in color, which gradients from bright ice-blue to blue from her the dark blue line around her torso and shoulders. She has a blue chest front which shines and sparkles brightly. She has a princess cone on her head that is blue in color and sparkles brightly, along with two paler blue straps on the tip of her princess cone which also gradient to dark blue to the end of the straps' tips. She also seemly grows long curly princess-like hair, which is long in style and is braided in one long strand that is tied with a dark blue not at the end. It is lighter in color, a pale purple.


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