The Pony collection has 3 Icn superRare tag pets and 1 Icn rare tag pet while the rest are Common. There is a total of 12 Pony pets.


All ponies have a head in the shape of a triangle sort, that tapers at the muzzle into a point. They have large, smooth hooves with horse shoes under them. They all have round eyes, along with short ears at the end of their head, most of which are nicked.


Ponies are lured by Apples.


Icons Names Rarity
Icon Celeste
Celeste Icn superRare tag
Peggyicon Peggy Icn superRare tag
Sparklesicon Sparkles Icn superRare tag
Icon Checkers
Checkers Icn rare tag
Icon Amber
Amber Common
Baxter Common
Icon Biscuit
Biscuit Common
Icon Blaze
Blaze Common
Icon Butterscotch
Butterscotch Common
Icon Clyde
Clyde Common
Icon Dandy
Dandy Common
Icon Dixie
Dixie Common


  • All Icn superRare tag ponies thus far have all had light white-ish coats, blue eyes, light pink muzzles along with pink inner ears, have been female, and golden hooves.


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