The Police Officer is an outfit that is worn on Misha. It can be bought with 125 Icn currency emerald.


The Police Officer outfit worn by Misha comes along with an outfit of a police hat and suit. The outfit as a whole is dark teal in color, with the pants being a darker shade of teal. The police hat has a dark gray band across it, with three golden-yellow police badge symbols on the front of the hat. The suit has a darker teal tie around the neck, which is buttoned up with two yellow buttons. On her chest is a golden police badge, around her waist is a dark gray belt with a golden buckle, with two pouches at the sides of the belt. Her pants are a darker teal, with yellow stripes at the side of the pants, with dark gray shoes that appear to have no laces. Misha's hands, tail, ears, and face are visible.


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