Pets are the playable characters that represent the runner in the game. Each type of pet has a sort of rarity: Common, Rare, or Super Rare. They can be randomly found while running in different terrains or can be lured in with Lures. There are ten pets for each species, while there are eleven for the Foxes and the Snakes, and twelve for the Ponies and the Puppies.

List of Animals

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Capturing Pets

Pets can be captured by tapping on the panic emoticon that pops up once the player is close enough. They will be tripped by the user's pet, captured by Misha the panda, and put in the stroller. However, all Rare and Super Rare pets have a pale yellow light that shines above them to alert the user that there is a rare pet up ahead, so that the player knows to not quit just yet if they crash into an obstacle (See Gallery for example).

List of Pets

There are 106 total pets in the game. The following table is a list of all the possible pets:

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Icon Pets Animal Rarity
Icon Ash Ash Fox Icn superRare tag
Icon Celeste Celeste Pony Icn superRare tag
Icon Chip Chip Puppy Icn superRare tag
Icon Drake Drake Turtle Icn superRare tag
Ember Puppy Icn superRare tag
Icon Fancytron Fancytron Turtle Icn superRare tag
Icon Gizmo Gizmo Bunny Icn superRare tag
Icon Grinch Grinch Reindeer Icn superRare tag
Icon Kitsune Kitsune Fox Icn superRare tag
Icon Lucky Lucky Puppy Icn superRare tag
Icon Merlin Merlin Raccoon Icn superRare tag
Icon Midnight Midnight Kitten Icn superRare tag
Peggyicon Peggy Pony Icn superRare tag
Icon Prince Prince Frog Icn superRare tag
Quetzalcoatl Snake Icn superRare tag
Sparklesicon Sparkles Pony Icn superRare tag
Icon Zeus Zeus Snake Icn superRare tag
Icon Angel Angel Kitten Icn rare tag
Icon Archimedes Archimedes Frog Icn rare tag
Icon Bandit Bandit Raccoon Icn rare tag
Icon Checkers Checkers Pony Icn rare tag
Icon Fido Fido Puppy Icn rare tag
Icon King King Snake Icn rare tag
Icon Luna Luna Fox Icn rare tag
Icon Nitro Nitro Turtle Icn rare tag
Icon Patches Patches Kitten Icn rare tag
Icon Rocket Rocket Turtle Icn rare tag
Icon Rudy Rudy Reindeer Icn rare tag
Icon Shadow Shadow Kitten Icn rare tag
Icon Speedy Speedy Bunny Icn rare tag
Icon Turbo Turbo Turtle Icn rare tag
Icon Amber Amber Pony Common
Icon April April Fox Common
Icon Baxter Baxter Pony Common
Icon Benny Benny Snake Common
Icon Beo Beo Puppy Common
Icon Bernard Bernard Frog Common
Icon Bianca Bianca Frog Common
Icon Binky Binky Bunny Common
Icon Biscuit Biscuit Pony Common
Icon Blaze Blaze Pony Common
Icon Blitzen Blitzen Reindeer Common
Icon Blossom Blossom Fox Common
Icon Buddy Buddy Puppy Common
Icon Buster Buster Bunny Common
Icon Butterscotch Butterscotch Pony Common
Icon Clyde Clyde Pony Common
Icon Coco Coco Kitten Common
Icon Colby Colby Snake Common
Icon Comet Comet Reindeer Common
Copper icon
Copper Fox Common
Icon Cupid Cupid Reindeer Common
Icon Daisy Daisy Bunny Common
Icon Dancer Dancer Reindeer Common
Icon Dandy Dandy Pony Common
Icon Daphne Daphne Frog Common
Icon Dapper Dapper Turtle Common
Icon Dasher Dasher Reindeer Common
Icon Dexter Dexter Raccoon Common
Icon Dixie Dixie Pony Common
Icon Donner Donner Reindeer Common
Icon Dusty Dusty Fox Common
Icon Felicia Felicia Fox Common
Icon Flopsy Flopsy Bunny Common
Icon Fluffy Fluffy Bunny Common
Icon Fly Guy Fly Guy Frog Common
Icon Freddie Freddie Frog Common
Icon Gertrude Gertrude Frog Common
Icon Hopper Hopper Frog Common
Icon Lily Lily Frog Common
Icon Lizzy Lizzy Raccoon Common
Icon Lola Lola Puppy Common
Icon Lopsy Lopsy Bunny Common
Icon Lucy Lucy Kitten Common
Icon Missy Missy Raccoon Common
Icon Mittens Mittens Kitten Common
Icon Moe Moe Turtle Common
Oscar icon
Oscar Raccoon Common
Icon Ozzie Ozzie Bunny Common
Partypupicon Party Pup Puppy Promo
Icon Prancer Prancer Reindeer Common
Icon Pretzel Pretzel Snake Common
Icon Princess Princess Puppy Common
Icon Rascal Rascal Raccoon Common
Icon Rattles Rattles Snake Common
Icon Rex Rex Turtle Common
Icon Rocky Rocky Raccoon Common
Icon Rose Rose Fox Common
Icon Roxy Roxy Fox Common
Ruby icon2
Ruby Fox Common
Icon Shelby Shelby Turtle Common
Icon Sheldon Sheldon Turtle Common
Icon Slithers Slithers Snake Common
Icon Sly Sly Raccoon Common
Icon Smoky Smoky Raccoon Common
Icon Socks Socks Kitten Common
Icon Sparky Sparky Puppy Common
Icon Spot Spot Puppy Common
Icon Stripes Stripes Snake Common
Icon Summer Summer Kitten Common
Icon Tiger Tiger Kitten Common
Icon Tobias Tobias Snake Common
Icon Vixen Vixen Reindeer Common
Icon Willow Willow Bunny Common
Icon Ziggy Ziggy Snake Common
Icon Zoe Zoe Puppy Common

Pet Upgrades

Each types of pet has different unique boosts that can help and increase the chance of many different things such as increases boost duration, increases the chance of finding Tractor Beam or Lures, and also sometimes provide a Coin bonus. It costs coins / emeralds to upgrade it or you can capture the same pet which will give random bonus upgrade to your current pet. Each upgrade will upgrade the boost by either 5% or +1 second, depending on what the boost is. 

Upgrade stage
Default Upgrade Cost
Upgrade Cost
Upgrade Cost
Max Level
Pet 2,500 Icn currency coins 5,000 Icn currency coins 100 Icn currency emerald 150 Icn currency emerald

Pet Shop

You are able to buy new pets with real money. When buying a pet, it is guaranteed to be a pet that you haven't tagged. There is a 70% chance of getting a common pet, 20% of getting a rare pet, and 10% of getting a super rare pet. These packs are called pet packs. 

Pets Cost
Icn iAP pet mystery New Pet $1.99 USD
Icn iAP pet mysteryBundle 3 New Pets $4.99 USD


  • The default pet when joining the game is Sparky the dog.
  • The pet featured on the app icon is Tiger the cat.


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