Party Pup is a Promo Puppy pet. Party Pup is one of the pets added outside of the initial release in Version 2.0.3 as to unlock Party Pup you share a "selfie" with your friends.


Party Pup is a bright pink puppy with darker pink-tipped spiked ears, fur fluff on Party Pup's forehead, spiked tail, and paws. Party Pup wears dark pink glasses with heart shaped rims and blue lens along with a dark pink nose. Party Pup has a white face and belly. There are two large party hats on the sides of Party Pup's head that are striped cyan, pink, and white along with the party blower in Party Pup's mouth, which are fuzzed with yellow on the party hats, inner ears, and around Party Pup's neck. Pink, blue, and yellow confetti surround Party Pup's body.


Boost Upgrades
Boosts Default 2,500 Icn currency coins 5,000 Icn currency coins 100 Icn currency emerald 150 Icn currency emerald
Tomato Lure 4% 9% 14% 19% 24%
Coin Bonus 13% 18% 23% 28% 33%
Boost Duration +1 +2 +3 +4 +5


  • Party Pup in-game lets off confetti particles.
  • Party Pup is the only pet that is not obtained through gameplay. However, once obtained, it can spawn again. 
  • Party Pup is the only pet so far to have 2 separated words on its name. 


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