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The Kitty collection has 1 Icn superRare tag.png pet and 3 Icn rare tag.png pets while the rest are Common. There is a total of 10 Kitty pets.


All kitties have large eyes, with a square-like face along with small muzzles. They have small paws, and all kitties have an accessory or collar item around their neck.


The Kitty's lure is a Milk Carton.

Pet Kitties

Icons Names Rarity
Icon Midnight.png
Midnight Icn superRare tag.png
Icon Angel.png
Angel Icn rare tag.png
Icon Patches.png
Patches Icn rare tag.png
Icon Shadow.png
Shadow Icn rare tag.png
Icon Tiger.png
Tiger Common
Icon Coco.png
Coco Common
Icon Lucy.png
Lucy Common
Icon Mittens.png
Mittens Common
Icon Socks.png
Socks Common
Icon Summer.png
Summer Common