The Frog collection has 1 Icn superRare tag Pet and 1 Icn rare tag Pet while the rest are Common. There is a total of 10 Frog pets.


All frogs have large toes, each with three toes that are either sharp or rounded. The frog has a large rounded head which is sensually the body too. They have long legs that fold up on their sizes.


Frogs are lured by Flies.


Icons Names Rarity
Icon Prince
Prince Icn superRare tag
Icon Archimedes Archimedes Icn rare tag
Icon Bernard Bernard Common
Icon Bianca Bianca Common
Icon Daphne Daphne Common
Icon Fly Guy
Fly Guy Common
Icon Freddie
Freddie Common
Icon Gertrude
Gertrude Common
Icon Hopper
Hopper Common
Icon Lily
Lily Common


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