The Fox collection has 2 Icn superRare tag pets, 1 Icn rare tag pet, and the rest are Common. There is a total of 10 Fox pets.


All foxes have a wide-looking head with large, pointy ears. The head is rounded at the top and almost flat at the bottom, looking like a little dome. They have small paws and appear in many different colors.


Foxes are lured by Tomatoes.


Icons Names Rarity
Icon Ash Ash Icn superRare tag
Icon Kitsune
Kitsune Icn superRare tag
Icon Luna Luna Icn rare tag
Icon April April Common
Icon Blossom Blossom Common
Copper icon
Copper Common
Icon Dusty Dusty Common
Icon Felicia Felicia Common
Icon Rose Rose Common
Icon Roxy Roxy Common
Ruby icon2
Ruby Common


  • The fox collection was the first pet collection to have more than 10 pets. 


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