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The Football Player is an outfit that is wore on Misha. It can be bought with 125 Icn currency emerald.png.


The Football Player outfit is an outfit where Misha wears a football helmet, shirt, and shorts sporting outfit. The football helmet is dark, swampy green in color, with a white and yellow stripe running down the middle. It has two black paw prints on the side encircled by white and yellow frame. The chin strap is white in color. She wears a yellow sports shirt with swampy green shoulder colors bordered by white stripes. The back of her yellow shirt has a white number "1" symbol. Her shorts are a swampy green along with her football helmet, with white stripes at their sides with yellow stripes at the bottom of the shorts. Her shoes are a very dark greenish-black with a white front, laces, and paw print symbols on the sides of the shoes. Misha's arms, neck, tail, and face are visible.