Boosts, also known as a Power-Ups, are items that can help you in-game. 2 boosts can be bought for real money, while other boosts can be collected in-game.

Boost Image Function
Double Coins Forever ($0.99 USD) Icn iAP x2 coins Doubles your coins at the end of the run.
Permanent Headstart ($1.99 USD)
Icn iAP headStart
Start your run at a distance of 25,000.
Coin Multiplier Icn multiplier Doubles your coins in-game for a certain amount of time.
Energy Boost Icn speedBoost Run faster for a short amount of time.
Magnet Icn magnet Attracts all coins within distance for a certain amount of time.
Shield Icn shield Gives a protection from crashing for a certain amount of time.
Spring Shoes Icn springShoes Jump over high obstacles.
Tractor Beam Icn tractorBeam Stops a pet in its tracks.


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