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Krazyforkitkatz Krazyforkitkatz 18 June 2021

Why is dash tag fun

Dash tag

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JaxOzone JaxOzone 17 March 2020

new dash tag fanon wiki!

a lil thing i made...


forms for admins are to be released once we get at least 20 people on the wiki!

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JaxOzone JaxOzone 17 March 2020

what ship should i draw next?

vote in the comments. pleas. need. more. SHIP AAAAARRTTTTTTTTt....these are canon ships in my anthro au

if requested, i'll draw it in my anthro au

  • mittens/summer
  • angel/ruby
  • midnight/luna
  • rose/blossom/april (this one might take a long time bc foof...three foxes, one pic)
  • tobias/rex
  • merlin/smoky (if i do this there's probably going to be a fanfic to go with it)
  • coco/tiger (one sided, on coco's side)
  • roxy/spot
  • patches/socks
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JaxOzone JaxOzone 17 March 2020

partyshadow (party pup/shadow) fanart

the first drawing of, like, a gazillion more

shut up party pup is nb and gay and shadow is bi and they're the best couple. good. wuv. now fight me.

(background is a pride flag i made for femme x masc gay relationships. you can use it if you want, just not the art itself)

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JaxOzone JaxOzone 17 March 2020

my dash tag trans headcanons!!

all of these are canon in my anthro au!!

  • 1 frogs
  • 2 foxes
  • 3 snakes
  • 4 ponies
  • 5 bunnies
  • 6 puppies
  • 7 kitties
  • 8 raccoons
  • 9 turtles
  • 10 reindeer

  • trans boy fly guy
  • nonbinary archimedes

  • nonbinary kitsune
  • trans girl blossom
  • demigirl ruby

  • trans girl rattles
  • trans male king

  • genderfluid celeste
  • nonbinary clyde
  • demiboy dandy

  • nonbinary gizmo (they don't care about their pronouns, though)
  • nonbinary buster
  • bigender willow (he/she)

  • trans boy chip
  • trans girl ember
  • nonbinary party pup
  • trans girl princess
  • trans girl spot

  • demigirl midnight (biologically genderless, but after finding out what a female was, they were like "yes i lov")
  • bigender angel (she/they)
  • trans girl coco
  • trans girl summer

  • trans girl lizzy
  • trans boy dexter

  • nonbinary fancytron (he/they)
  • genderfluid moe (all pronouns are accepted! but most…

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JaxOzone JaxOzone 17 March 2020

my rose/blossom/april headcanons!!

just some headcanons about the fox wives (these are all in my anthro dash tag au where misha doesn't exist and all of the pets just live normal lives)

  • rose and april met first. they'd been best friends since childhood and developed feelings for each other in their teenage years. then, april met blossom at a party held by party pup, and she introduced her to rose, and the rest is history.
  • blossom and party pup are bffs, and have been since they were only a few days old. sometimes blossom likes to bring her wives over to party pup's house to hang out. shadow (their husband) still acts like an edgelord around them, but from time to time, blossom has caught him softening up. the incidents were only ever when party pup was around, though.
  • rose, bl…
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LîłyGîrl4 LîłyGîrl4 27 August 2019

ladies and gentleman, I’ve caught him.

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Sparklewolfiez Sparklewolfiez 14 July 2019


Rares are one thing that sometimes starts a huge argument, that can even lead to unbuddying! If you have a rare, you shouldn't boast about it. You should kindly put one or two rares on so people wouldn't think of you as a snooty rare-o!

Now, if somebody has just joined aj, maybe it would be worth your time trading them a rare, and seeing them as happy as can be! It would be really kind doing this and I mean, you never know! You might even start an unexpected friendship!

Rare item Mondays are a good thing for those who want to have just one little common rare thing. You can earn a rare item in rare item Monday by going on to treasure hunts, and selecting the top one on every Monday. 

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LunaTFoxy LunaTFoxy 8 December 2018


I just saw a lot of furry foxes here...


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Back4MoreDrama Back4MoreDrama 8 November 2018



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Back4MoreDrama Back4MoreDrama 8 November 2018



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Back4MoreDrama Back4MoreDrama 8 November 2018



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Back4MoreDrama Back4MoreDrama 8 November 2018



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Back4MoreDrama Back4MoreDrama 8 November 2018

blog blog blog


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Back4MoreDrama Back4MoreDrama 8 November 2018

This is my blog post

Blog blog blog!

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Tempocat Tempocat 18 May 2018


I have lots of things for trade on Animal Jam and Play wild

rare wristband

yellow worn

rare longbow

rare raccoon tail (play wild) 

and many more!

oh and dj headset on pw

swing by my den! 


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Entropical Entropical 16 May 2018

Random Dash Tag Info

Maxed out pets: Buster, Butterscotch, and Checkers

Current  Coins: 28,579

Current Emeralds: 153

Pets Completed:  Dogs: 8/11  Cats: 10/10 Bunnies: 10/10 Ponies: 9/12  Foxes: 11/11 Raccoons: 9/10 Frogs: 10/10 Reindeer: 10/10  Snakes: 9/11  Turtles: 10/10

Completed Achievements (8 keys): 8

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Entropical Entropical 13 May 2018

My Dash Tag Info

Total Pets: 96/105

Missing Pets: Celeste, Chip, Lucky, Merlin, and Zeus.

Favorite Pets: Grinch, Rose, Zoe, and Beo.

Complete Sets:  6/10

Vehicles: Cop Car, Fire Truck, Jet Bike , and Monster Truck.

Misha's Outfits: Normal, Maid, and Yeti.

Strollers/Carts: Umbrella Stroller, Shopping Cart, and Wheelbarrow.

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Fireos Fireos 25 March 2018

ip banned again XD

oml i hae been ip banned on the animal jam worth wikia and the animal jam wikia and cannot log back into my accouts                                                                                                                                                                              

and theres nothing i can really do about it in unless i can talk to a admin to unban me but thats not going to be happening since most of them blocked me for making stupid threads yes i got my ip banned over that                                                                                                                                                                                                          well i got into a fight with a admin and more …

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Hashes And Tags Hashes And Tags 21 March 2018

a poem i wrote

i have gizmo, he was my second super rare

when i saw kitsune page, i didnt know he was there.

i wish i would be an admin, but im not

i have pets, of course they were all caught.

which pet is your favorite? how many pets you got?

i wanna know, since i have a lot

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Hashes And Tags Hashes And Tags 21 March 2018

Hey there

Hi there! you must be looking at my blog. i honestly dont know what to say, but here is one thing: have a great rest of your day! 


i barely have any s. rare pets, only 2

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Jammer9zv1y Jammer9zv1y 13 March 2018



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Kamikucat Kamikucat 11 March 2018

The best pets?

Ok so i've been thinking i wanna know which pet i am to use this is a short blog post but if you need to see my pets then look on my profile and it states them all 

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Henry Ivth Henry Ivth 11 March 2018

Current stuff count

I have:

79,000 Coins

105 Gems [emeralds?]

2 keys

78 Pets in all,

10 rare pets,

5 S.rare pets:

Fancytron, Prince, Chip, Ash and Midnight

I have a Monster Truck, Fire Truck and a Cop Car

And a shopping trolley ‘stroller’

I play as Blitzen

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CKVdprwx CKVdprwx 11 March 2018

Dash Tag Tips

I wanted to put these tips somewhere idk if anyone will look at these idc if anyone actually reads this I just wanted to post them

  • Link a facebook account to your game for the free coins. If you do not have a facebook account, make a throwaway one (i.e. you don't actually want it for social media so you just register, link it to Dash Tag, log out, and forget about it)
  • Save up your coins so that the first thing you buy with coins is the cop car (25,000 coins). Buying (and equipping) it lets you hit an obstacle without Misha catching you.
  • Don't bother collecting coins to upgrade a pet's abilities. Catching a pet that you've already caught will randomly upgrade one of the three boost that pet has for each time you catch it in one run, no matter i…
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CatGirl0099 CatGirl0099 9 March 2018

Sad Life

Hey, it's me, CatGirl0099 and my life on Dash Tag is sad

I had 51/100 pets and had been playing from Day 1

I had even just gotten my first super-rare pet, Lucky, plus about ten rare pets

(I also spent about ten days trying to figure out if a certain pet was a fox or cat until I discovered this wiki)

But then...I broke my phone and had to download the app again

And now I'm starting all over again so... :(

I also lost like 5 days because there was a MASSIVE power outage in my area so clearly someone doesn't want to to suceed on Dash Tag lol

Please tell me I'm not the only one who uses emeralds to revive and then watches an ad to revive again because ur chasing a rare pet and then... U CRASH AND U NEVER GOT THE PET!!!!!

  1. Sparky - Dog (No duh) - Normal
  2. F…

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Henry Ivth Henry Ivth 7 March 2018

I’m me.

I’m me,

I guess I like it,

It’s not too bad,

Not great either,

I’m me, But I guess I can say I like it.

Well, apart from the school,

And the roomshare and all,

And the homework,

I’m me, So I guess I can say it’s decent.

Well, definitely apart from the homework,

And the stress,

Not forgetting the arguments.

I’m me, and it’s not bad.

And apart from missing my friends,

Oh, not to mention the homework,

And the chores,

I’m goddamn me I guess.

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Henry Ivth Henry Ivth 4 March 2018

Hamilton on a Boat no)2

The ship is sinking, Alex is unconscious,


Alex is working below deck, and Eliza comes to fetch him for dinner.

Alex: Save my plate

Later, when he has come

Alex: There’s so much on my plate!

And Eliza is like shovelling on food to his plate.

Company (ships crew): work, work!


Company (ships crew): work, work!


Peggy: and Peggy

Company (ships crew): work, work!

    • everyone slips in a really cartoony matter as the ship crashes through a large wave**


Hamilton: were actually in an ocean...

I bet your IQ went down whilst reading all this.

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Silentgrave Silentgrave 4 March 2018

100 Pets is a lot but..

Do you guys think Wildworks is gonna update it anytime soon to make more pets/ add-ons? 

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Betarus-Doggie Betarus-Doggie 3 March 2018

that spicy road to 106

so uh since everyone is jumping into the bandwagon-

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Sparkswood12 Sparkswood12 2 March 2018

*yawn* that one quest for 100 pets

So. Ayup. Title says all. 

So far, I have 89/100 pets. This is absolutely nothing compared to other people *COUGH* choc *COUGH* so... road to 100 :)

Random fact: I play mainly as Speedy, because it's the first pet I got (also my first rare pet). 

Puppies: Beo, Buddy, Fido, Lola, Princess, Sparky (ofc), Spot, Zoe.

Kittens: Angel, Coco, Lucy, Midnight, Mittens, Patches, Shadow, Socks, Summer, Tiger.

Bunnies: Binky, Buster, Daisy, Flopsy, Fluffy, Gizmo, Lopsy, Ozzie, Speedy, Willow.

Ponies: Amber, Baxter, Biscuit, Blaze, Butterscotch, Celeste, Checkers, Clyde, Dandy, Dixie. 

Foxes: April, Blossom, Copper, Dusty, Felica, Luna, Rose, Roxy, Ruby.

Raccoons: Bandit, Dexter, Lizzy, Missy, Oscar, Rascal, Rocky, Sly, Smoky.

Frogs: Archimedes, Bernard, Bianca,…

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Chocbox AJ Chocbox AJ 27 February 2018

My Pet Progress

Pets: 101/101

Missing Pets:


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The Tiger's Roar The Tiger's Roar 26 February 2018

Road to 100 Pets

I probably don't need to make this, but I'm going to anyway, so deal with it.

This should be updated as time goes by. Last updated Apr. 20th at 10:39 PM (Central Time)

My current amount of pets: 101/101

10/10 Puppies

10/10 Kitties

10/10 Bunnies

10/10 Ponies

11/11 Foxes

10/10 Raccoons

10/10 Frogs

10/10 Reindeer

10/10 Snakes

10/10 Turtles


  • none :)
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Henry Ivth Henry Ivth 26 February 2018

Hamilton on a Boat

I’m currently really sick, which means I come up with really weird ideas.

Today, after drawing a budgie in a parachute, I proceeded to think up something weirder:

Song= non-stop

Eliza’s rationing food, and Hamilton proceeds with ‘is that all’


and then there’s a flashback and Peggy’s being eaten by Alex (sorry for gore).


And then Alex holds a gun up at Eliza and is like:


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Kawaiilove12 Kawaiilove12 26 February 2018


Hi! I can't wait to help this wiki!


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Henry Ivth Henry Ivth 26 February 2018


Hi I’m Henry, the creator of this wiki. If you need help, I’m probably not the person to go to, this is my first wiki and I’ve never done anything similar before, but I reckon most admins, The Tiger’s Roar, AppleBloom121, Kawaiilove12, and Derpsic know what they’re doing.


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