Bandit is a Icn rare tag Raccoon pet.


Bandit is a raccoon with dull green fur and a black mask, ears, paws, and chest. Their tail has a black striped zig-zag pattern over the aforementioned green fur. He has paler tanish-green coloring outlining his mask, a pale green muzzle in which he has his teeth sticking out, and pale green underbelly. He also has a pale tanish-green three-pointed symbol on the back of his head. His inner ears are ears are a dull shade of pink, in which between them is placed a large brown bag with a gem symbol on it which supposedly is full of gems. He has tiny bat-like wings that have black overview and pale green under view. Bandit has rust golden eyes and a black nose.


Boost Upgrades
Boosts Default 2,500 Icn currency coins 5,000 Icn currency coins 100 Icn currency emerald 150 Icn currency emerald
Coin Bonus 7% 12% 17% 22% 27%
Spring Shoes Duration +3 +4 +5 +6 +7
Boost Duration +2 +3 +4 +5 +6


  • The bag of gems that sits on the top of Bandit's head bears a striking resemblance to the sacks of gems that appear in Animal Jam. This is only one of many things that resemble Animal Jam assets.


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